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Family Violence Prevention and Services/Grants for Battered Women's Shelters_Grants to States and Indian Tribes

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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Possible uses and use restrictions...

Federal funds are used by States for grants to local public agencies and nonprofit private organizations to prevent incidents of family violence and to provide immediate shelter and related assistance to victims of family violence. States must give special emphasis to the support of community-based projects of demonstrated effectiveness carried out by nonprofit private organizations, particularly those projects where the primary purpose is to operate shelters for victims of family violence, and those which provide counseling, advocacy, and self-help services to victims and their children. States and Indian Tribes may not impose an income eligibility standard on individuals receiving services supported by funds appropriated under this Act and Federal funds may not be used as direct payment to any victim of family violence. No less than 70 percent of the funds distributed must be used for immediate shelter and related assistance, and no less than 25 percent for related assistance.